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Digital File

- The application is bilingual – Arabic and English.
- Supports Um Al-Qura, Hijri and Gregorian calendars.
- Possibility of connecting the program to many brands of scanners.
- Easy documents classification.
- Possibility to retrieve and display deleted data.
- Any of the documents can be exported to a file.
- Good management for the application options by user privileges.
- Possibility to send data (reports) in XML format.
- Database can be customized to meet business requirements.
- Keeping the documents in secrecy through overall or partial screening.
- Fast document retrieval.
- Can be used as single or multi-user application.
- Powerful and flexible searching for entered data.
- ( Acrobat files ) and ( Microsoft Office files ...... ) can be archived by the application.
- Can be plugged to the workflow system.
- Privileges can be inherited from a document to another.
- Classification can be easily modified.

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