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Government Suite

All these systems fully comply with government financial regulations.

Financial Systems:

Includes the following :
·         Chart of Accounts ( as per governmental categories)
·         Budget Accounting and approbations
·         Departments, Divisions and Individuals Records.
·         Engagement and disengagement
·         Payment Orders.
·         Settlement Permission
·         Cash Transfer and other cash transactions
·         Report for checks of payment orders
·         Permanent and Temporary sponsorship
·         Many Reports and Inquiries

Personnel and Payroll system:

Includes the following:
·         Comprehensive Records for Employee
·         Recording for Job Descriptions
·       Recording Employee Transactions including the following : vacations, promotions, courses, deputation, installments, emendation, overtime, travel tickets, document renewal, allowances, deductions, Altering Job Title, and end of Service
·         Generating Monthly Payroll Reports, and Automatic Payment Order posted to accounting
·         Providing Evaluation Reports
·         Providing definition Letters, and letter of employment
·         Recording Comities information and comities payments
·         Express Posting Payroll to Banks
·         Many Reports and Inquiries

Inventory and Stock Control: 

Includes the following:
·         Multi Store and Multi location handling
·         Comprehensive Record for Store Items
·         Receipt Memo, and receipt report
·         Issue Request
·         Items returned to Stores
·         Inventory Levels
·         Many Reports and Inquiries